New Economy or New Enemy? The U.S. Media Coverage of Technology Outsourcing to India.

Prof. Elfriede Fursich
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Media operate as a normalizing forum for the social construction of reality. They create, contest or maintain contradictory outlooks on the discourses of technological development and economic globalization. At the heart of the matter is the struggle over redefining a new geopolitical setup in a technology-driven economy. My project evaluates what role the media (esp. newspapers) have played in constructing this discourse in the United States.

I find that, by and large, the coverage plays out in extremely antagonistic terms, positioning India and United States as rival nations and as competitive business entities. I conclude that this binary discourse fails to help readers understand the complex global interdependencies of the world economy. This type of reporting supports an ethnocentric idea of capitalism and indicates a concealed opposition to economic globalization and the dissolution of the nation-state.

Keywords: Technology, Mass Media, Outsourcing, Globalization, Capitalism, Business Journalism, India, United States
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Prof. Elfriede Fursich

Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Boston College

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