Knowledge and Experience: Requirements for Computer-Based Learning Taking a Paper Mill as an Example

Prof.DDr. Christina. Schachtner.
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The dynamics of economic change require permanent learning processes to take place at work. New forms of learning and new learning instruments are asked for. E-learning is the new magic word which promises to initiate and support efficient learning processes with the help of new technology. However the balance sheet of computer-aided learning has been disappointing so far. One of the main reasons for this disappointment is that fundamental questions about the nature of learning (how and what) are ignored when developing E-learning systems. Based on a study in a paper mill and on interviews with its employees, this lecture looks at the relevance of experience, reflection and intuition in the work place. In combination with theoretical knowledge, experience and intuition guarantee a flexible response to tasks to be done which is adapted to the situation. Against this theoretical background, the concept of ‘Learning for Production’ will be presented. It attempts to integrate fundamental insights into learning at work in a computer-aided learning system while, at the same time, pointing out its limits. A combination of offline and online processes will be suggested as a future-oriented perspective for learning in the working environment where learners should be seen as autonomous actors. A new culture of learning which differs from traditional learning is necessary to create optimal conditions.

Keywords: knowledge, experience, learning for production, new culture of learning
Stream: Technology in Education, Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Knowledge and Experience

Prof.DDr. Christina. Schachtner.

University Professor, Institute for Media und Communication Studies
New Media - Technology - Culture, University of Klagenfurt


1996 - 2003 University Professor for Education and New Media an the University of Marburg/Germany since 2003 University Professor for Media Studies and Newe Media at the University of Klagenfurt Selected Publications: Schachtner, Ch. (2005): Virtuelle Räume, neue Öffentlichkeiten, Frankfurt/Main Schachtner, Ch. (2005): Handbuch virtuelle Frauenräume, Leverkusen Schachtner, Ch. (2002): Entdecken und Erfinden, Lernmediuum Computer, Opladen Schachtner, Ch. (Hrsg.)(1997): Technik und Subjektivität, Frankfurt/Main Schachtner, Ch. (1993): Geistmaschine, Faszination und Provokation am Computer, Frankfurt/Main

Ref: T06P0104