Effects of Blended Online Learning on Students Performance in Vocational Mathematics

Syed Javed
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This presentation reports on a study conducted at the Victoria University TAFE where a mathematics module was offered to students in an on campus delivery setting. The use of online learning to support campus-based instruction was modelled on Coomey and Stephenson’s (2001) paradigm grid for online learning. The aims of the study were to assess the effectiveness of online facilitated instruction on students’ attitud and achievement in mathematics, explore factors affecting participation of students in online learning and how teachers’ roles and responsibilities are affected by online facilitation.

The study was conducted using a mixed method approach with experimental techniques applied to gather quantitative data about attitudes and achievement scores, and a case study approach for which qualitative data were collected on factors affecting students’ motivation, participation and approach to blended online learning. The study comprised two on-campus TAFE classes from a first year advanced diploma course. The treatment class was offered online facilitated teaching using WebCT as a delivery platform. The control class was taught using traditional methods only. The same teacher taught both classes during the semester and on the same campus. Students from both groups were interviewed to gather information about issues affecting them as learners.

Results from this study will be presented about students’ attitude, achievement scores and participation in blended online learning. For further information contact syed.javed@vu.edu.au

Keywords: Mathematics Vocational Online Web
Stream: Technology in Education
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Paper: Effects of Blended Online Learning on Students Performance in Vocational Mathematics

Syed Javed

lecturer, Centre for Student Learning, Victoria University

Ref: T06P0110