A Conceptual Framework for Investigating the Nature and Influence of (Meta) Cognition in Primary School Students’ Concept Formation Processes Through the Use of PDAs

Dr. Howard Nicholas,
Dr Wan Ng
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Digital literacy is now fundamental to young children’s understanding of and interaction with ‘life’, but the actual learning and concept formation processes that accompany digital literacy are not well understood. PDAs provide an unparalleled means to access individual students’ “thinking” processes. This paper will look at a conceptual framework for investigating the impact of the use of PDAs on years 3 to 6 students' learning and how their use enables teachers with their students to promote concept learning by promoting explicit reflection on emerging concepts and the processes of learning.

Keywords: Concept formation, Personal Digital Assistants, Primary school teaching and learning, Research approaches
Stream: Technology in Education
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Dr. Howard Nicholas

Senior Lecturer in Language Education, School of Educational Studies, La Trobe University

Dr Wan Ng

Lecturer in Science and Technology Education, School of Educational Studies, La Trobe University

Ref: T06P0111