Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries

Dr. Raj Desai
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The necessity to make use of the available means of production in such a way that the elementary needs of the population can be satisfied presents a considerable challenge to developing countries. Application of technologies developed elsewhere will not necessarily lead to the best results and may even be counterproductive.

A majority of people in developing countries are very poor. Yet these countries also possess an abundant supply of the most important factor in production – manpower. The widespread poverty goes hand-in-hand with this critical resource and considerable number of the labor force are idle for much of the time. Also labor productivity is very low even when people are working.

While the need for new and appropriate technology is evident, the majority of current research is oriented towards the type of capital intensive production found in industrialized countries. Effort is needed to promote and implement technologies more appropriate to the needs of developing countries.

Keywords: Appropriate Technology, Developing Countries, Choice of Technology
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Paper: Appropriate Technology for Developing Countries, Choice of Technology Framework and Foreign Direct Investment for Forestry Resource Exploitation in Guyana, A

Dr. Raj Desai

Coordinator, Industrial Technology Program, School of Business, The University of Texas, Permian Basin

Dr. Raj Desai is the Coordinator and founding faculty member of a new Industrial Technology Program at the University of Texas, Permian Basin. He was responsible for creating the web page, course outlines, faculty rotation schedules, remodeling the building, creating labs for AC/DC Circuits and Instruments/Controls, advertising the program, advertising faculty position announcements, and hiring of new faculty.

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