Chinese Whispers: Problems of Online Publication

Stephen Mumberson
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With the growth in the materials that can be printed off the internet with little or no control by the producer.How can authorship be maintained or does authorship become something different and hybred.Consider a virtual world where story lines,imagery and music,where everything is under contant change and revision.Is this not a return to folk tales,mythic constructions and evoling images.Within the digital print world forms, constructions shift in time,through culture and local concerns.It is this new currency of ideas, where the reader or viewer or listerner becomes an interactor with the virtual stream of the orginal idea.

Keywords: authorship, orginal, digital interaction, myth,folk tale, story line, sample, digital reconstuction
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Stephen Mumberson

Reader in Fine Art Printmaking, Programme of Fine Arts--ARTS
Middlesex University
Cat Hill 
England, Printmakers Council (UK)Royal Society of Painter- PrintmakersMiddlesex University


Born Beaconsfield,Bucks,England 1955
Educated:Brighton University-Fine Art BAhons-Spealist Printmaking Distinction
Royal College of Art,London-MA Printmaking
International Cite des Arts,Paris

Writer on printmaking,cartoon art,digital printmaking and print education.
Artist-printmaker shown in nation and international show of printmaking
Reader in Fine Art Printmaking Middlesex University London

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