The Video Watermarking Implemetation on FPGA

Mr. Kesavan Pillai
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Survey and investigation on multimedia security issues and multimedia scheme (video’s).Compare and evaluate various watermarking scheme.A new approach and procedure for multimedia security based on watermarking are proposed.
Experiment will be done on this proposed approach using VHDL tools and finally implemented using FPGA.

The proposed work addresses and provides solution to the real time problems like Broadcast monitoring, banking monitoring, tracing of illegal distribution of copyrighted material, and this watermarked material to be used as evidence as and when there is a legal question of authentication arises.Now-a-days broadcast monitoring system is important since illegal transmission of copyrighted movies, sports, even there should be a need of monitoring of advertisements whether they are transmitted with proper contents and timings is key issue in real time applications.Banking monitoring system is another important issue in real time applications, particularly banks, which are sensitive to burgled. In this a video camera with a watermarking facility has been installed in such a sensitive banks, such that when there is a moment in the bank the video camera will take 30 frames per second or else single frame per second and watermark each frames using a bank logo, then encrypt the video taken using a public key which in turn has been derived from any of the PKI’s (public key infrastructure) or CA’s (certifying authority). Such material provides good legal evidence in the court of law, and makes sure that video has not altered or modified after the occurrence of any incidence. Another key issue in real time application is illegal distribution of copy righted movies, with which the cine industry is facing a lot of losses, can be avoided by watermarking the video, which in turn uses a technique called fingerprinting of video, and traces the source of the illegal copy.

Keywords: Key works: Digital video, Authentication, Digital watermarking, Hardware implementation
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Mr. Kesavan Pillai

Deputy Manager, Pricol Limited,
Hyderabad Electronics Division,, pricol Limited


Kesavan is persuing is Ph.D from JNTU, Hyderabad, india. His field of Interests include Data security, and Data Processing, working as a Deputy Manager, in pricol Limited (Hyderabad Electronics Division), he completed his M.Tech degree from MIT, Manipal in the field of Digital electronics and Advanced Communication Engineering in the year 2003, and B.E degree from Madras University, chennai in the field of Electronics and cmmunication Engineeringduring the year of 1997, and Diploma from directorate of T3chnical education, chennai i the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering during the year of 1994. he having excellent Experience as a Faculty under Anna university, chennai during the 1997 to 2001 and good research experience in Data Security field from 2004 onwards.

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