Knowledge Management Practice in a Community and Allied Health Setting: “Forget the wah wah, just give me a yes or a no”

Dr David Meacheam
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Using a grounded theory approach, the author examines knowledge management practice in the Community and Allied Health Division of Central Coast Health, a public health service in New South Wales. Prime issues are maintaining process improvement within a very tight budget, and negotiating meaning across disciplines. The organisation is seen as coping with remarkable issues of cross-disciplinary communication and co-ordination, with a focus on client welfare being the unifying factor.

Keywords: Knowledge management, Organisational theory, Public health service
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Knowledge Management Practice in a Community and Allied Health Setting

Dr David Meacheam

Lecturer, Central Coast School of Business, University of Newcastle

David lectures in human resource management, knowledge management and organisational learning at the Central Coast Campus of the University of Newcastle. He holds a BA (Library & Information Science) from Charles Sturt University, and an MBA from the University of Newcastle. David’s current research focus is upon the links between organisational type and knowledge management.

Ref: T06P0137