The Technological Imaginary and the Marketing of Mobile Phones in India

Dr Usha Raman
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The technological imaginary and the marketing of cellphones in India Author: Usha Raman The notion of the "technological imaginary" as a collective conceptualisaiton of the potential and promise of a new technology is explored through a textual analysis of advertisements of cell phones in India. Advertising is a particularly rich source of cultural and social symbols, and the way a product is positioned through advertising is both a result of and results in the particular significance the product has in a culture. Cellphone services and instruments are marketed through the use of both "soft" and "hard" appeals, but in combination they construct a certain image of the technology that may or may not relate to its functionality. The paper seeks to unearth the discursive strategies that are used through advertising to construct the "technological imaginary" of cellphones.

Keywords: Technological Imaginary, Technology Advertising, Mobile Phones
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Dr Usha Raman

Communication Consultant, Communications Department, L V Prasad Eye Institute

Usha Raman received her doctorate in mass communication from the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, where her research focused on the impact of communication technology on the formation of scientific communities. She has worked for many years in the mainstream and specialist media, writing mainly on issues relating to health and technology, particularly where these involve children, women and marginalised communities. She currently works as a communications consultant at L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, and is an editorial adviser to the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness, also headquartered in Hyderabad. She is serving as a member of the guest faculty at the University of Hyderabad, where she teaches courses on "Issues in Information and Communication Technology" and "Writing for Print and other Media" as part of the MA in Communication program. Her professional interests include writing and editing special interest publications (health and technology)and designing and implementing health education campaigns. Her research interests focus on health communication, and social and cultural impact of new technologies.

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