The Influence of Information Systems on Hospital Success

Dr. Suhaiza Hanim Mohamad Zailani,
Mohd Hanizan Zalazillah
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Hospital success plays an important role in a healthcare sector. In order to make smarter use of resources in the hospital, they should pay attention to adopt more efficient technologies to provide better services for their patients. This paper will study the influences of information system on hospital success. Questionnaire survey is conducted to study the adoption of information system for public hospital in Malaysia. Information systems are examined into 22 statements where the institutional respondent was asked whether he/she: "Strongly agrees"; "Somewhat agrees"; "Somewhat disagrees"; or "Strongly disagrees" with the statement. Hospital success is measured based on employee’s satisfaction. It can be found that adopting information system will increase the success for hospital in Malaysian public hospital.

Keywords: Information System Adoption, Hospital Success, Public Hospital, Malaysia
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Influence of Information Systems on Hospital Success in the Public Hospital in Malaysia, The

Dr. Suhaiza Hanim Mohamad Zailani

Lecturer, Senior Lecturer in Operations Management, Universiti Sains Malaysia

My current research interest is on technology management. Have published 4 papers in the international journals such as in International Journal of Information System, Sasin Journal, Asian Journal of Technology Management(2 papers). Apart from the journals, have published a chapter for a book for information quality. Have attended also many international conferences on technology management.

Mohd Hanizan Zalazillah

Lecturer, Director
Quality Division, Universiti Utara Malaysia


Ref: T06P0156