Re-Engineering the Information Technology Curricula For the Knowledge-Driven Society: A Necessary and Relevant Core Competencies-Based Model

Dr. Raja Iyer
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Information technology (IT) education, oriented toward management information systems and decision support perspectives, has been part of business schools curricula and degree programs worldwide for over 30 years. These programs have typically placed heavier emphasis on business applications of computers and information technologies, compared to computer science and engineering programs in engineering schools, which emphasize hardware design and development and software development and implementation with little or no emphasis on business applications.

With the trend toward knowledge-driven societies worldwide, organizations now emphasize IT-induced results throughout their value-added chain, with little or no loyalty toward designing, developing, and implementing management information and decision support systems in-house. Growth in global outsourcing is a testimonial to this continuing phenomenon. This changing organizational emphasis also results from recent shift toward nurturing organizational core competencies, as prescribed from Professor C.K. Prahalad’s research findings. However, the core competencies approach can also be extended to re-engineer the information technology curricula in institutions of higher education worldwide.

This paper presents constructs and prescriptive models for re-engineering the IT curricula aimed at providing students and professionals with the necessary and relevant IT-related core competencies to meet challenges and requirements for the knowledge-driven enterprises and society. Departing from the traditional curricula based on required IT-specific courses and –IT-related electives, our curricular recommendations emphasize those topics in IT that are necessary and relevant for developing management information and decision support in a knowledge-based economy.

Keywords: Core IT Competencies for Knowledge-driven enterprises and society, IT Curricula for global IT education
Stream: Technology in Education
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Paper: Re-Engineering the Information Technology Curricula For the Knowledge-Driven Society:

Dr. Raja Iyer

Professor and Head, Department of Computer Information Systems, College of Business Administration, Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas

Dr. Iyer is Professor and Head of the CIS Department at Tarleton State University and received his Ph.D from the University of Minnesota. He has published over 60 research articles. dr. Iyer's research agenda includes decision support and IT-induced enterprise strategies. His academic expeirences over 15 years include research, teaching, and administrative positions at the University of Texas at Arlingotn and at the San Jose State University. He has also held executive positions in the industry, including serving as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Acropolis Systems, Inc. and at SalesMatix, Inc., both in Milpitas, California. He has presented seminars and lectures around the world.

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