The Role of Information Technology in Education: Creating a New Era

Mr Siddhartha Ghosh
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There are in fact several so-called educational technologies employing IT in various ways, which can facilitate learning. The various stakeholders now need to agree amongst themselves that this evidence of the potential of IT to enhance learning is sufficient to permit strategic and pragmatic decisions to be made at national and local levels. Various nations and governments are adopting policies to facilitate the adoption of the educational technologies in learning institutions and thus prepare students for the developing knowledge-based economies.A key issue is to ensure that teachers are able to develop the skills and competencies to use these new tools in the classroom. The roles of teachers will change, but teachers will always be the vital key in developing the cognitive and social skills of students.A major problem in adopting the educational technologies is the extraordinary pace of technology change, and hence the rapid depreciation through obsolescence of investments in IT equipment. Injudicious expenditure could be rapidly regretted by educational institutions, in the same way as has often been the case in the corporate and government sectors.Above all, there must be general recognition that the educational technologies are not a panacea to ensure good education. They are, however, very versatile new tools, which, when properly used, will greatly assist learning in all areas. Furthermore, mastery of the use of those tools will equip students with invaluable skills to use in the various vocations they subsequently take up.

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Paper: Role of Information Technology in Education, The

Mr Siddhartha Ghosh

Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology and Science

Presntly I am doing research work in the area of Application of Machine Learning for Automated Essay Grading. area of interests are Web Technologies, Natural Language procesing, Information Retrieval Systems, E-Governance and E-learning. Completed M.Tech. in Computer Science from University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, AP and B.Tech. from Tripura Engineering College, Agartala, Tripura. Have 7 years of working experience. during this time I have worked in Kolkat, Agartala, Mngalore, Guntur and Delhi with various Pvt. firms and Engineering Colleges. Also writing regularly for various computer magazines.

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