Web Documents Evaluation, Rating and Certification

Dr Veena Bansal
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Documents on World Wide Web cover a wide range of subjects and the quality of these documents vary considerably. The web documents are not refereed at all. The review process enhances creditability. A document that has been evaluated for its quality by a competent authority attracts better readership and renders satisfied readers. The current web publishing policy supports freedom of expression. This freedom has been extensively used by authors. There are many organizations on the net that review the documents and rate them based on popularity, appearance and suitability for children.
To best of our knowledge, there is no website that evelautes the contents for its quality.

A survey was conducted to gather the view of web community about evaluation of Web Site/Document(s) in which 60 people gave their opinion. The survey was addressed to frequent users of web documents and search engine services. Only 5% participants rated the content quality to be good and according to 57% participants, it was unsatisfactory. We also asked the partcipants to tell us if the web documents should be reviewed. A overwhelming majority of participants (76%) wanted the web documents to be reviewed. In this paper, we propose a complete a system to evaluate web documents with a suggestion to the search engines to incorporate the score provided by the reviewing agency in their ranking mechanism. We allow the reviewed and unreviewed documents to co-exist on the Web.

Keywords: Web site evaluation, Web rating, Search engines
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Web Documents Evaluation, Rating and Certification

Dr Veena Bansal

Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Management Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Ref: T06P0183