Use of Technology at School Level

Dr Vijay Bhat
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There has been a considerable success in the efforts provide technology in schools in recent years. Now making technology effective and useful in such countries is not impossible though a bit difficult in certain situations. For example some teachers readily admit that they are not making as much use of technology as they could. Although technology is more prevalent in the schools, several factors affect whether and how it is used. Those factors include placement of computers for equitable access, technical support, effective goals for technology use, new roles for teachers, time for ongoing professional development, appropriate coaching of teachers at different skill levels, teacher incentives for use, availability of educational software, and sustained funding for technology.
In countries like India, we have to first of all make some ground work in the sense that awareness is to be brought among the teachers of schools in particular and general public in general. Teachers are nation builders. They are required to be trained in a systematic way and provided with all basic facilities. In turn we expect them to become really nation builders. Our aim should be and must be to provide the facility to all particularly in rural areas. In urban areas, one some how gets an exposure to new trends and technologies but in rural areas, it is for the government and other concerning agencies to make basic facilities available including latest hard ware/ soft ware and other technical support.
We discuss the obstacles and suggest some measures to get technology introduced effectively at school level all over the world.

Keywords: Technology, School, Infrastructure, Technical support, Education, Incentives, Training
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Paper: , Use of Technology at School Level

Dr Vijay Bhat

Assistant Professor, School of applied physics and mathematics, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, P/o Garhi, Udhampur, 182121

I have done my masters in mathematics from university of Kashmir in 1989 and Ph.D. mathematics from university of Jammu in 2000 after qualifying for junior research fellowship of CSIR/UGC in 1993. Besides this, I have got a bachelors degree in Education from university of Jammu in 1994, where, I have studied courses like educational technology, philosophy, educational measurement, school administration, curriculum etc.

My work is mainly in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics. Both have applications in Computer science, coding theory and cryptography. Algebra has so many other uses. It applies in chemistry, bio sciences also.

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