Towards IT-enabled, Global Artificial Judging System for Legal: Experimenting with Whiplash Injury Cases

Prof Check Teck Foo
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Legal systems are probably the most nationally entrenched. Yet in an age of increasing global internet presence there are no reasons why information technology (IT) should not foster an internet-based, artificial justice system. In this paper the author focuses on the need for nurturing a triangulated, inter-disciplinary - information technology (IT), legal and medical sciences - collaboration towards a greater, global uniformity in judicial decision making relating to personal injury cases involving whiplashes. For advances in technology (in particular f MRI; funcntional magnetic resonance imaging) are enabling a far more detailed imagery of injury sustained in whiplash cases. Through applying pattern recognition technology embedded with medical expertise, it should then be possible to develop a scale of whiplash injuries. And in particular case, through proximity matching to delineate precisely the extent of the injury sustained. By constructing a global database of fMRI imageries of whiplash injuries, it should then be possible via enhanced IT expertise to create an artificial judging system. Such a globally created artificial judging system may then be further refined through their adoption by judges in the national courts in determining their cases. Through many iterations in particular cases, it should be possible to then evolve an artificial judging system

Keywords: Internet-based, global artificial justice system
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Conceptualizing the Frameworks for an Internet-based, Artificial Judging System

Prof Check Teck Foo

Assoc Professor, System and Engineering Management, Nanyang Technological University

Dr FOO Check Teck is currently with the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. He is concurrently an Honorary Professor of Competitive Strategy in the School of Management, University of St Andrews, Scotland. Unlike many academics, Dr Foo Check Teck takes a diverse, multi-disciplinary, holistic approach in his work. This is reflected in his research publications cutting across disciplinary boundaries with contributions to refereed journals. His papers may be found in journals such as Omega, Journal of High Technology Management Research, Corporate Communications, Juridical Review, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Organization Studies, CyberPsychology. He is globally renowned for his research contributions to strategy: his doctoral work (Organizing Strategy) emphasized inter-connectivity in strategy and his Reminiscences of an Ancient Strategist: Mind of Sun Tzu won the top NBDCS Book Award in Singapore. He is currently researching into internet-based systems for building a 21st Century global artificial justice system.

Ref: T06P0201