Determining Pleasurability in Requirements Analysis: Modelling Propositions on Interaction in Adventure and Role Play Videogames

Dr Brian Robert Webb,
Dr Bride Mallon
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What do players want in videogames? Whilst research into playability has increased, methods for studying the phenomenon are often lacking. In this paper, we demonstrate an approach to the analysis of videogames that is grounded in the experiences of twenty-five players using two different but closely related genres –adventure and role play games. Our five-step analysis produced a total of fifteen propositions across two empirical studies that seek to explain player – game interactions. Previously six of these propositions were published (Mallon and Webb, 2000) but these were based solely on adventure games and the process of developing the propositions was not set out in a manner that either researchers or game developers could easily follow. In this paper in response to the need for such research, the objective is to make our process more transparent. Since the objective of the paper is to explicate the process of the research, rather than to report its findings per se, only one proposition, related to interaction, will be examined in detail. Whilst the paper is primarily aimed at games researchers and games developers it is of interest to researchers and developers in other fields since product or process improvements in games research often anticipate developments elsewhere. It is also of interest to consumers since players and potential players may use the reported outcomes of the research to evaluate a game’s quality.

Keywords: requirements elicitation, analysis and modelling; interaction; videogames.
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Determining Pleasurability in Requirements Analysis

Dr Brian Robert Webb

Senior Lecturer, School oF Management and Economics, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Bride Mallon

Lecturer, Information Sytems Subject Division, Queen's University of Belfast

Ref: T06P0212