Lessons Learned from Incorporating Online Content to Chemistry Courses

Dr. Kuruvilla Zachariah
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The chemistry classes at Ohio University Eastern have been taught in the traditional face-to-face format. Technology has been incorporated in the teaching of chemistry to accommodate different student learning styles. Presentation slides and video clips were found to help the visual learners. Students who were curious and enjoyed additional activity liked the assignments requiring visits to other websites and online tutorials. When the Blackboard course delivery system became available, it was employed to add online content in the form of PowerPoint slides, video clips, and supplemental reading assignments. E-mail is used extensively to communicate with students. They are also able to take online quizzes for practice. When I was asked to teach a course on leadership to mainly non-traditional students as an evening class that meets only once a week, the lessons learned from incorporating online content to chemistry courses became very valuable. In addition, students post written papers for others to comment and respond to each other’s work. An asynchronous threaded discussion has been included to facilitate social interaction and exchange of ideas between students. I intend to convert the lectures into streaming video and DVD to make them accessible to students and eventually to teach the course completely online. This presentation enumerates the lessons learned and the technological challenges faced while developing and teaching the course on Leadership in a blended learning format. It also compares the effectiveness of such a format to the Fifty-One Competencies for Online Instruction as compiled by Theodore Smith in The Journal of Educators Online (2005).

Keywords: Incorporating Online Content, Blackboard 6, Technology, Streaming video and DVD, Leadership course, Blended Learning, Asynchronous threaded discussion
Stream: Technology in Education
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Dr. Kuruvilla Zachariah

Associate Professor, Chemistry/Business, Ohio University Eastern

Kuruvilla (Zach) Zachariah is an Associate Professor of Chemistry who also teaches a course on Leadership. He holds a Ph. D. in Chemistry and an M. B. A. with a focus on management and leadership. He has been the Chairperson of the Academic Division at Ohio University Eastern for the past three years. His research interests focus on developing and incorporating technology such as streaming videos, CD-ROMs and DVDs into the courses that are being taught.

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