Modern Technology as a Denaturalizing Force

Dr Robert Albin
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Modern technological discourse and practices are the outcome of numerous changes in our cultural makeup. The question intriguing me at most here is what kind of human sensibilities and character traits are manifested by technological practices, i.e. what is the phenomenology of a given practice? In this paper I will argue that technological interventions not only usurping the natural for the sake of the cultural, and by these very interventions leaves no room for an independent natural realm; By conquering and taking control of the natural, humans are introducing a major conceptual change. They are breaking the conceptual boundaries between nature and culture and making them collapse.

Keywords: Technology, Techne, Culture, Nature
Stream: Technology in Community
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Dr Robert Albin

Head, Liberal Arts and Sciences Department, Sapir College

Robert Albin is a Lecturer in Philosophy and Ethics and the Chair of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Sapir College, which is located in the Negev Region, Israel. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Research interests are in the fields of Philosophy of Culture and applied ethics with a special interest in journalistic ethics.

Ref: T06P0228