Digital Storytelling Workshop: Technology for Human Use

Dr. Cathleen Londino,
Dr. Kristine Mirrer,
Andrea Baumgarten
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Digital Storytelling is the use of media technology to tell stories with digital images, narration, and sound through personal voice about people, places, or events. Advances in technology have given the average person the means to tell and share their stories in an effective and affecting manner. The structure and technology have been adapted internationally for a number of projects including the focus of a BBC initiative, Capture Wales. It is a useful tool to document personal experiences such as “oral” histories, for children to tell their stories, psychological expression or intervention, academic portfolio, and for recording personal stories as people participate in news events or other activities. The workshop will focus on digital storytelling, its many uses, helpful suggestions and samples for sharing with participants

Keywords: Digital stories, Travel Learn, internships, international, Wales, BBC
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Digital Storytelling Workshop

Dr. Cathleen Londino

Chair, Department of Media & Film, Kean University

Dr. Londino has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in media at Kean for more than twenty years including Broadcast Journalism, Radio and Television Production, Mass Media, Performance, and Broadcast Regulation. She has presented internationally on program assessment, media regulation, and was recently a visiting professor in England. Dr. Londino has taught or participated in media related Travel Learn classes in Great Britain, Italy and Egypt. As part of its multicultural commitment, the Department of Media & Film hosted 25 media specialists from China who earned certificates in American Media and will be hosting a second group in late October. She is currently involved in Digital Storytelling as a means to tell human, corporate and news stories. Dr. Londino has participated in or presented several workshops on digital storytelling.

Dr. Kristine Mirrer

Assistant Chair, Department of Media & Film, Kean University

Dr. Mirrer has served as Acting Chair of the Department of Media & Film and authored the content for B.A. degree in Media & Film with major options in Broadcast, Multicultural Programming & Management, International Broadcast Journalism and Film. Dr. Mirrer has presented Master classes in Production and Broadcasting in Society issues. She is currently coordinating a class called "Inside Television" offered at the Academy for Television Arts and Sciences in New York City.

Andrea Baumgarten

Kean University

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