Artificial Nose For Detecting Disease

Mr Amuthan Arjunan
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An Electronic / Artificial Noses is a system that uses the pattern of responses from an array of gas sensors to examine and identify a gaseous sample i.e. a system used for automated detection and classification of odors, vapors, and gases. It generally composed of a chemical sensing system (e.g., sensor array or spectrometer) and a pattern recognition system (e.g. artificial neural network). An electronic nose is a system developed for automated identification of microorganism and volatile chemicals for environmental and medical applications. The aim of our system is to produce methods of instrumental logic and software for detection disease in real life situations with the use of Artificial Neural Networks. Diversity and complexity of problems that people solve in this computer era, requires quick and easy-to-handle form of methods / tools. In this path, our system concentrates on detecting disease using hardware and a system integration model. The aim of our system is to develop a hardware that simulates human noses and capable of sending signal pattern to computer.

Keywords: Artificial Neural Networks, Student t-test, ANOVA, Back Propagation Algorithm, PCA - Principal Component Analysis
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Mr Amuthan Arjunan

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