Programmer Errors: Formal and Informal Methods of Reducing Error Rate

Gavriel Yarmish,
Dr. Alireza Ebrahimi,
Daniel Kopec,
Prof. Christina Schweikert,
Dr Dina Sokol
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Our paper describes common programmer errors with the goal of semantically understanding what the misunderstandings were. It further compares the traditional formal method of correcting these via person-to-person interaction and newer methods which make use of software applications often over the web. It is important to understand the relative advantages and disadvantages of these two methods in order to use them in the best way possible.

The research follows the lead of Soloway who studied novice programmer errors for Pascal programs. We have continued and analyzed C programs for other types of problems. There has also been much research into various other aspects of programmer errors such as programming environments. We focus on these ideas in this paper.

Keywords: Programmer Errors, Programming Environments, Formal and Informal Methods
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Programmer Errors

Gavriel Yarmish

Brooklyn College

Dr. Alireza Ebrahimi

Associate Professor, Management Information Systems, State University of New York/College at Oldwestbury

Dr. Alireza Ebrahimi is a Professor of MIS at SUNY/College at Old Westbury where he has taught programming for twenty years. He received a chancellors award for teaching excellence and
developed the visual language VPCL.

Daniel Kopec

Associate Professor, Computer information Science, Brooklyn College

Prof. Christina Schweikert

Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems, State University of New York/College at Oldwestbury

Dr Dina Sokol

Assistant Professor, Computer Information Science, Brooklyn College

Ref: T06P0239