Knowledge,Work and Accountability in Organizations: Case Study of a Software Company in Hyderabad

Dr. Nagalakshmi Chelluri
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Knowledge-Work and Accountability in Organizations – Case Study of a Software Company in Hyderabad
C.N. Lakshmi, Prof. E. Hari Babu, Dr. Avvari V. Mohan
Conventional industrial work process and products are visible, such as the shop-floor or the assembly line whereas in software production the process and development are not visible. This is evident if one visits the work place of a software company. This paper discusses the modes of accountability in the software segment of the Information Technology Industry producing software applications. This study is based on intensive case studies conducted in two large firms in the city of Hyderabad.It was observed that in these organizations, the functional boundaries were flexible, and hierarchy is permeable to communication across all designations. Project teams accomplish the organizational tasks. This form of organization producing software applications placed more values on individualism of knowledge workers and their autonomy and an extensive use of communication channels for connectivity. The first observation was that the level of accountability depended on the period of completion of the project, short period or long period available for the completion of the life cycle. There is no visible assembly line showing the progress in work process. All visible progress is dependent on the computers, and development of product is mediated by information technology for all processes.

Keywords: Knowledge Worker, Accountability, Work Place
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Paper: Knowledge,Work and Accountability in Organizations

Dr. Nagalakshmi Chelluri

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