Outsourcing, Developing Nations, and American Jobs: Unexplained Phenomenon or Natural Lifecycle?

Mr. Arthur McAdams,
Dr. Winston Tellis
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The authors examine the outsourcing phenomenon and compare it to a simlar debate in the automobile industry. The tendency to introduce protective legislation and impose restricitons on outsourcing activity does not appear to be based on facts, but on rhetorical excess. the article also examines some of the challengese ahead for India.

Keywords: India, outsourcing, legislation IT
Stream: Technology in Community
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Mr. Arthur McAdams

Director, Professional Development, University College, Fairfield University

Mr. McAdams is in the process of writing the dissertation of his doctoral degeree. He has published in the area of IT in developing countries and has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of systems in large and small organizations. his area of research includes issues in these areas.

Dr. Winston Tellis

Professor, Information Systems & Operations Management, Dolan School of  Business, Fairfield University

Dr. Tellis has been both an adminstrator and an academic during his over 38 years in IT. His main research interests are in the area of case research, networking and IT in developing countries.

He has coauthored journal articles and cases with colleagues in several disciplines, particularly related to IT issues in developing countries. his work has been recognized through several awards, most recently as an endowed Chair in IT.

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