Alternate Perspectives of Interactive-Influences of the Emerging Information Environment with Governance-based Crisis Decision Making

XY Zee
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The influence of the emerging information environment on governance-based crisis decision making is not a very well understood phenomenon in today’s context. In this research paper, a decision making model incorporating major factors and variables in the above process is proposed. Grounded theory research methodology, across multiple cases, was applied to operationalise this inductive research. Three recent crises faced by the Indian government and another three crises from the international context were chosen for this study, where the decision makers were quite clearly confronted with a changed information environment as the selected crises developed. Important findings from the case studies related to use of images by the emerging media in its coverage of crises, and the interplay of emotions in influencing framing and decision making; all this is evident in the surface and sub-surface level phenomena associated with the crises. Based on the research, an “emerging-environmental interactive feedback perspective of crisis decision making” is proposed. In order to broaden our understanding of the emerging phenomena, additional perspectives, namely, symbolic-interpretive and postmodern, are also discussed to help us in contexualising in newer ways from varied perspectives.

Keywords: Emerging Information, Environment Stakeholders, Media, Crisis, Accountability in Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English

XY Zee

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

Ref: T06P0252