The Delphi Project: The Implications of Health Data Linkages

Mr. Gavin Giles,
Ms Vijaya Chevendra
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The use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) data in a provincially managed public healthcare system has been considered at both the end-user and provincial planning level. The information contained in a health record provides in-depth knowledge of an individual’s health status and, when combined with health services and administration databases, can augment the breadth of health-related knowledge of a population. The ability to link healthcare information at a system-wide level offers the potential for understanding the entire continuum of care a user may be provided from beginning to end. The Deliver Primary Healthcare Information Project (DELPHI Project), a project dedicated to the creation of a researchable database created through the linkage of EHRs in family practice to health service and administration databases, offers insight into the application of health data linkages in a public healthcare system. Lessons learned from the DELPHI Project will be presented including a discussion of patient privacy, EHR implementation, data quality, and data linkage issues. These largely technological issues will then be further discussed in relation to the knowledge gained through the linkage of health data and subsequent societal implications.

Keywords: Primary Care Research, Family Practice, Family Physician, Electronic Health Record
Stream: Technology in Community
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Mr. Gavin Giles

DELPHI Project Coordinator, The University of Western Ontario, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

Gavin’s academic training and work experience relate to many aspects of primary care and population health research. His HBK and MSc are founded in health sciences and his interests encompass much of the healthcare research landscape. Gavin’s relevant work to-date has focused on the use of technology as a means for increasing the effectiveness of health organizations.

Ms Vijaya Chevendra

DELPHI Project Systems Analyst, The University of Western Ontario, Centre for Studies in Family Medicine

Ref: T06P0264