An Innovative Information Architecture for the Shopping Cart

Mr. Amir Malik
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Information architecture is a technique for suitable organization of information, which allows effective flow of information for content-based applications. It includes information handling through named categories. According to the traditional information architecture of shopping cart, the user select the items of interest for current purchase or future purchase, add them to their cart, proceed to check out and complete the transaction by giving their billing information. The proposed information architecture is based on instant invoice at the addition of each item in the cart. The previous architecture keeps the users unaware of the charges, which they will be liable to pay till the end of item selection process where as the proposed architecture suggests a way to keep the users updated about the charges at the addition of each item. According to Forrester Research, 66% of all shopping carts are abandoned before a sale is completed. For example, one user may add items to a shopping cart and find out later that the shipping cost is more than she wanted to pay and decide not to purchase the items (Iain Barker, 2005). This overhead of maintaining user sessions can be overcome by the proposed information architecture.

Keywords: Shopping Cart, Information Architecture, Information Design, Internet Navigation
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Paper: Innovative Information Architecture for the Shopping Cart, An

Mr. Amir Malik

Lecturer, Department of Engineering and Computer Science, Mohammad Ali Jinnah University

1999-2001 M.S. Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering, ENSIMAG, INPG, France.
1994-1997 B.S. Electrical Engineering, National University of Science and Technology, Pakistan.
Cumulative GPA 3.748/4.000 HONORS

09/03 Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Islamabad, Pakistan Faculty Member
Teaching four courses: Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Introduction to Electronic Engineering and Circuit Theory. Responsibilities also include Coordinator Engineering Program and Manager Student Counseling.
02/03-09/03 SAP AG, Germany Senior Technical Support Consultant
Carrying out SAP ERP implementations and on-site customer visits. Mentoring SRM and MM ERP teams at SAP Global Support Centers (Dublin and Madrid).
10/01-02/03 SAP AG, Germany Technical Support Consultant
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05/01-10/01 VERIMAG, Air France, France Research Scholar
Design and implementation of a “Slicing” program in C++ language. Program slicing works by finding the parts of a program relevant to the value of a chosen set of variables at some chosen point in the program.
03/01-05/01 SCHLUMBERGER, France Internee
Analysis of existing methodologies of work and implementation of the application program interfaces between new PDM and existing software / hardware (B2E application) in Java language.
Sales, maintenance and support of private automatic branch exchanges (PABX).
07/97-05/99 ALCATEL CIT, Pakistan Site Installation Engineer
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02/97-06/97 SIEMENS, Pakistan Trainee Engineer
Design and fabrication of switch mode power supplies.

Malik Amir, A Guide Line to Secure Your Wireless Network, NETTIES 2005 11th EATA International Conference on Networking Entities, St. Pölten, Austria, October 13-15, 2005

Malik Amir, The Eight Phases of Cost Effective ERP Implementation, IBIMA 2005 International Conference on Information Management in Modern Enterprise, Lisbon, Portugal, July 5-7, 2005

Malik Amir, Mobile and Pervasive Computing, IBIMA 2005 International Conference on Information Management in Modern Enterprise, Lisbon, Portugal, July 5-7, 2005

SAP AG, Germany
SRM210 (Enterprise Buyer Configuration)
TAEBP1 (Enterprise Buyer Professional)
BIT530 (SAP Business Connector Introduction)
BC100 (SAP R/3 under Oracle)
BC400 (ABAP Workbench Foundations)
BC401 (ABAP Objects)
BC430 (ABAP Dictionary)
SAP C-ROOM Special Workshop
Testing, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of Alcatel 1000 E10B
R-21 Software Evolutions in Alcatel 1000 E10B switching System

B2E Application
Mini Pascal to Ada95 Compiler.
Database system for a travel agency.
Frequency Conversion using P.L.L.
Computerization of 37mm anti-aircraft gun.
Switch mode power supply.
Linear power supply.

ABAP, C++, Java, C, UML, Rational Rose, SDL, Ada95, SQL, AutoCAD, Pspice, Pascal, Assembly, HTML, MS Office.
Windows 3.1/95/98/2000/NT4, Unix/Linux.

English Fluent
French Good
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German Basic

1994-97 Gold Medal in six semesters, National University of Science and Technology.
1993 Dr. Anis Gold Medal, Lawrence College, Ghora Gali.
1993 Gold Medal, F.Sc Examinations, Lawrence College, Ghora Gali.
1992 Roll of Honors, Lawrence College, Ghora Gali.
1991 Gold Medal, Matriculation Examinations, Lawrence College, Ghora Gali.
1991 Roll of Honors, Lawrence College, Ghora Gali.

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