A New M Band and Watershed Combined Algorithm for Texture Segmentation of Multi Spectral Images

Vasuki Sivamurugesan,
Dr. Ganesan Lakshmanan
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The M band wavelet decomposition, which is a direct generalisation of the standard 2 band wavelet decomposition, has been applied to the problem of segmentation of multi spectral images for its greater flexibility and better energy compaction which are required for good quality segmentation. The set of features derived from the wavelet domain are subjected to nonlinear filtering followed by smoothing to cause efficient representation of texture. Marker controlled watershed algorithm is applied on the gradient of the textural features to effectively segment the homogeneous regions. This new combined algorithm produces very good segmentation results for the textures in multi spectral images.

Keywords: M Band Wavelets, Local Energy Estimator, Watershed Algorithm, Multi Spectral Images
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Paper: New M Band and Watershed Combined Algorithm for Texture Segmentation of Multi Spectral Images, A

Vasuki Sivamurugesan

Assistant Professor, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi, Tamilnadu.

She is currently working as Assistant Professor in Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, Sivakasi, Tamilnadu,India and pursuing Ph.D in the area of Color Image Processing under Anna university.She has 18 years of teaching experience.Her research interests are in Computer vision,Wavelet based Image Analysis and Pattern recognition.She is verymuch interested in developing Texture segmentation algorithms for color and Multi Spectral Images using wavelets.She has published over 20 Technical papers in International/National Conferences and guided several undergraduate and post graduate students projects in the area of Image processing. She is a Life member of Indian Society for Technical Education.

Dr. Ganesan Lakshmanan


Ref: T06P0275