A Technology Workshop with a Difference: Pop-Up Engineering Technology and Geometric Concepts

Vivekanand Mohan-Ram
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Pop-up Engineering Technology and Geometric Concepts.
If taking risks or challenges are but a few of
your set of learning criteria, then this is
a workshop not to be missed.
Primary school educators, teachers and parents
nationally and internationally have all joined
in the experience of similar workshops, which
provided them with an exciting approach to
investigate and to teach the Space Strand of
the Primary School Curriculum. Participants
will be introduced to basic Pop-up Engineering Technology skills, using only manila paper
to construct single and composite “3D”
geometric figures. Participants will realise
that gaining confidence with this process
will also open the avenue to teach other aspects
of the school curriculum. It is challenging,
motivating, fun, and exciting to use
in any class- room.

Keywords: Building ‘Hole’ Polyhedrons, Building upon Visual Imagery, Modelling Environmental Objects using Pop-up Skills, Confidence Building, Connecting the Curriculum of the Elementary Classroom, Acquiring a Sense of Achievement and Satisfaction
Stream: Technology in Education, Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Vivekanand Mohan-Ram

Senior Lecturer, School of Education, Charles Darwin University

I have been teaching Mathematics
Education for about 25 years at tertiary
level and have been exploring the use
of non computer Technology to enable
my students to better understand
mathematical concepts. As such I
have held mathematics/technology
workshops in USA-Boston,
Australia- Darwin, Melbourne,
Sydney, Brisbane, Alice Springs,
UK- Middlesex, Spain-Seville,
West Indies – Trinidad, Barbadoes
and Brunie.
I have been one of the first set of
lecturers at CDU(then NTU) to
have received the Excellence of
Teaching Award 1992.
I have produced a unique teaching
model which shows the relationship
between a prism and a pyramid.

Ref: T06P0028