The Use of Technology in Adult Art and Design Education

Carol Ryder
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The ‘technological revolution’ of recent years has yielded a range of new tools and materials that can be used to assist teaching and learning in adult art and design education.

It has been widely presumed that these tools would promote the practice of students‘ ‘self-directed learning’, thus saving money for financially overstretched Universities, and helping educators to cope with the stresses of increased student numbers, and the demands of widening participation.

Research shows that this is not always the case, however.

By drawing upon the experience of a number of educators in several UK Universities and Colleges, this paper seeks to evaluate how effective are computer-related tools in teaching and learning art and design, how efficiently they are currently being used to enhance art and design education in Britain, and why a backlash in the use of ICT is currently being experienced in some UK art and design education establishments.

Keywords: Technology, Education, Art and Design, Adult Learners
Stream: Technology in Education
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Paper: Use of Technology in Adult Art and Design Education, The

Carol Ryder

Senior Lecturer in Fashion and Textile Design, Department of Fashion and Textile Design, 
Liverpool School of Art and Design, Liverpool John Moores University


Carol Ryder is a Senior Lecturer within the Department of Fashion and Textile Design, Liverpool John Moores University (UK). Her research interests include the use of new technologies for improved communication in art and design education, fashion illustration, fashion and anti-fashion as an academic area of study, and the use of offbeat materials for textiles and garment creation. Carol recently delivered a paper on technology and communication at the "Creativity: Designer meets Technology Europe" conference in Copenhagen (September 2005) and has also written a paper on the importance of haptic communications research within fashion and textile design for the "Haptex" conference in Hannover (December 2005). Carol has worked as a fashion designer for 19 years and her work has received editorial exposure in a wide number of publications. Her illustration work has been exhibited both Nationally and Internationally, and she is currently working on a set of illustrations commissioned by the cultural anthropologist Ted Polhemus to illustrate his work on fashion branding and image as communication. Carol's textile designs have been exhibited and sold Internationally.

Ref: T06P0284