Defining Internet Privacy: A Critical Review

Dr. Ernest Johnson
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Taken together, the core element related to Internet privacy is “information”. In the privacy literature, information is used interchangeably with the term “data”. Several guiding principles such as:

1) notice and awareness;

2) choice and consent;

3) participation and access;

4) security of information quality and integrity; and

5) enforcement, accountability, and self-regulation all relate to how information/data is collected, stored, or used.

Also, in the Internet literature, security is indicated as a component of Internet privacy. As such, several research articles have used Internet privacy and security as one collective construct or have used Internet privacy and security interchangeably, while others have identified Internet privacy and security as two distinct constructs.

In summary, Internet privacy can be defined as the level of control related to the exchange of any personal information during online transactions, the knowledge and control of the extent to which such information is or is not shared with others, the mechanisms in place to assess and to prevent any violation in the exchange of information, and the level of tolerance individuals and organizations might have for such violation.

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Paper: Defining Internet Privacy

Dr. Ernest Johnson

Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration, University of Regina

Ernest Johnson, is an Assistant Professor at the School of Business Administration University of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. Prior to his work at University of Regina, he has worked in the area of Information Technology in various institutions and industries both in Canada and India for nearly ten years. My research area involves Internet Privacy and Security issues from customers’ and marketers’ perceptives and he has been collaborating with researchers in Canada, US, and India through national grants. He can be contacted through e-mail (, Phone (1-306-585-4727).

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