Globalisation: Discourse or Monologue?

Dr Sami Omar
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Information and communications technologies (ICTs), cut across all sectors and impact on virtually all human and societal activities. Advances in information technologies shrink time and distance, but do not necessarily bring people together, nor do they guarantee that people will be more tolerant of diversity. They are a means to advance the knowledge society and serve as a transmission tool to generate, disseminate and share knowledge.

As the world is globalizing, a global knowledge and information society is emerging, but globally, media ownership reflects the supranational ownership patterns and mega-mergers which propagate a global consumer monoculture that is wasteful, unjust and environmentally unsound. This promotes the loss of local knowledge and values people had and replaces them with what it is not locally relevant or useful. Ultimately, this provokes an extremist backlash against an uncaring elite and a soulless global culture.

This paper presents the argument that unacceptable “modernizing orientations and values” projected in the discourse with the Arab world are producing a reactionary response of major proportions as evidenced by data analyzed from the World Values Survey 2001-2.

Keywords: Globalization, Culture, Technology, Information, Society, Values, Islamization
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Dr Sami Omar

Visiting Professor, Sociology-Anthropology-Psychology-Egyptology Dept., The American University in Cairo

Sami Omar

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Dr. Omar brings over 25 years of recognized leadership experience in the national and international fields of Education and Environment. Currently he is Anthropology and Sociology Visiting Professor at the American University in Cairo (AUC), as well as UNESCO Expert in Education and Environment. During the past 8 years Dr. Omar has consistently collaborated with UNESCO and the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities in higher education development.
His present academic interests focus on World Cultural Discourse & Globalization, Information Technology and World Values, and Computer Technology & Culture Change. He is the co-author of a book: “Environment & Solid Waste Management”, and has another book “The Egyptian Family Guide” pending publication in 2006. He has published numerous articles in professional journals, developed multimedia curriculum materials, produced national conferences, conducted many surveys and research studies, and held training workshops at the national and international levels.

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