Technological Options and Tribal Participation in Sustainable Agriculture: An Experince in Eastern India

Mr Hari Charan Behera
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The paper is an outcome of the indepth studies conducted in the area of tribal agriculture and its sustainability. The public and private agencies'initiative in promoting agriculture in backward region through appropriate technological implemetation is a core discussion in the paper. It reflects the importance and limitations of local/indegenous knowledge in sustainable agriculture. The appropriateness of 'Modern Science and Technological Options' in eliminating the limitations and bringing out the subjects interest for wider participation at different levels are the core subjects of the discussion. Nevertheless, the limitations in implementation are substantiated with emperical evidences collected from primary and secondary data collection. The author tries to empahasise the actions and practices in past and present technological impositions in agriculture in tribal areas. This also emphasies the understanding in cultural and environmnetal aspects in promoting new technologies, which can be accepted and approachable to all for the present and future generations. Possible efforts have been undertaken to give a wider views in protecting social and natural environments for the sustainability in agriculture.

Keywords: Local/Indegenous Knowledge, Modern Scientific Knowledge, Technological Options, Natural Environment, Social Environment, Sustainability
Stream: Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
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Mr Hari Charan Behera

University of Hyderabad

Ref: T06P0299