We Need You to Teach Your Class Online...

Dr. Candice Fredrick,
Dr. Joanne Gilbreath
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This paper refers to some of the current research on online teaching but is more concerned with the direct experience of a particular professor as she, reluctantly, transitions from "live" teaching to distributive teaching. We follow her through the actual design and writing of the class to the implementation of the course in the online format. This article encourages university professors to try online teaching before they judge it as ineffectual. Our subject was surprised to find that her course translated very well into the online format and in the process she did not lose the connection with her students, nor did she have to sacrifice the qualities that gave her teaching distinction.

Keywords: Teach, Class, Online
Stream: Technology in Education
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Paper: We need you to Teach your Class Online

Dr. Candice Fredrick

Associate Professor, Azusa Pacific University
Department of Advanced Studies, Department of Advanced Studies in Education


Dr. Candice Fredrick's research interests center around gender studies and literature, and her teaching focuses on philosophy and ethics. She has co-authored two books: Women amoung the Inklings: Gender, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Williams and Women, Ethics, and the Workplace. Dr. Fredrick has given speeches and presentations concerning these works and was featured in a short film called "The Inklings" on the DVD version of the film Lord of the Rings, by National Geographic. She teaches at Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, Calfornia.

Dr. Joanne Gilbreath

Associate Professor of Education, Department of Advanced Studies, Azusa Pacific University

Dr. Gilbreath works with active classroom teachers who are completing their Masters Degree in Educational Technology and Learning. This program is delivered in a Distributed Learning Environment, and has, at its core, a focus on true integration of technology into instructional experiences. Dr. Gilbreath is a grant reader for the California Department of Education for the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) NCLB grants. She has also been a grant reader for The Hewlitt Packard Technology for Teaching Grants. As a consultant, Dr. Gilbreath has worked directly with schools in the area of technology integration as part of their California School Improvement Plan. Other professional interests include designing learning experiences built around Faith Integration within an educational context.

Ref: T06P0306