A Tale of Two Bubbles: The Dot.Com and 3 G. Crashes of 2000-2002

Dr Carl Levy
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This paper examines the regulation of digital technologies in the USA and the EU in the 1990s and the early 2000s. It compares and contrasts the role played by the public and private sectors in fostering convergence and hightlights the unintended consequences of public policy and markets in both. The particular weaknesses of the European Commission as policy entrepreneur in fostering convergence through 3 G technology is contrasted to the decades old relationship between US defence establishment, universities and federal government and regulatory agencies. Regulatory or market failure in both the USA and the EU undermined the telecommunications industry in each, but the road to disaster followed separate trajectories.

Keywords: Digital Convergence, EU, USA, Regulation
Stream: Technology in Community
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Dr Carl Levy

Head of Department of Politics, Reader in European Politics, Department of Politics, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Dr. Carl Levy has published extensively on comparative European politics and modern/contemporary history, policy-making and the politics of the EU, the history and politics of modern Italy and the history of ideas and political thought. He has published on EU technology policy (the HDTV fiasco of the early 1990s) and also the policy-making and politics of digital technology convergence since the 1990s.

Ref: T06P0308