In Search of Innovation: Grasp the Concept of Needs

Dr. Åsa Ericson,
Anna Ståhlbröst
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This paper discuss the concept of needs with the purpose to explore if needs can be identified and understood in the relevant literature. Our discussion is inspired by both an engineering, and an interaction design approach to needs and a tentative picture of the concept needs are presented. We have found that these approaches have some limitations for new or innovative products, due to mixing needs with requirements etc. Needs that are difficult to express are situated in the users context and are subjectively understood by the users themselves, thus qualitative and interpretative methods are suggested as useful.

Keywords: Needs, Needfinding, Interaction Design, Evaluation, Engineering Design, Functional Product Development
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: In Search of Innovation

Dr. Åsa Ericson

PhD Student, Division of Computer Aided Design, Luleå University of Technology

Åsa Ericson is currently a Ph.D student at the Division of Computer Aided Design, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden. She finished a Master of Science in Informatics and Systems science at the university in June 2002. Her research interest is in the areas of Engineering Design with an emphasis on need-driven product development.

Anna Ståhlbröst

PhD Student, Social Informatics, Luleå University of Technology

Anna Ståhlbröst is currently a PhD student in Social Informatics at the Division of Information Systems Sciences. Her research interests are methods for creating and evaluating innovative technology. She especially focuses on developing methods that identifies and takes user needs into consideration in different design situations. The research has a strong relation to a Living Lab organisation in which most of her studies occur.

Ref: T06P0319