Expanding and Enriching Needfinding with Narrative Inquiry

Dr. Marita Holst,
Anna Ståhlbröst
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This paper explicates the process of expanding and enriching needfinding through narrative inquiry. In this way we are able to identify needs and, thus, facilitate the design process of a viable community for knowledge-sharing and creation across boundaries among young entrepreneurs. The specific situation which the design of a knowledge community constitute is discussed and the usefulness of our approach is thereafter valued in relation to the challenges of creating a viable community constructed from participants’ identified needs and interests.

Keywords: Communities-of-practice, Entrepreneurial Knowledge Community, Narrative Inquiry, Needfinding, Traditional Information Systems Design Methods
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Enriching the Process of Appreciating Needs with Storytelling

Dr. Marita Holst

PhD student, Social Informatics, Luleå University of Technology

Anna Ståhlbröst

PhD Student, Social Informatics, Luleå University of Technology

Ref: T06P0320