Design and Implementation for Wound Measurement Application: Wound Measurement

Dr Dongguang Li
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Chronic venous ulceration is a difficult clinical problem that consumes a large amount of resources. These resources include medical and nursing time as well as cleansing solutions, other topical applications, dressing products, bandages and elastic stockings. Thus, there is a need to develop an accurate and a fully objective database application for wound measurement. We have already developed a software interface written in the .NET languages for the measurement of wounds. The system uses an accurate measurement method capable of detecting small changes in an open wound surface area.
This paper further describes the development of a relational database to measure the surface area of a wound, with the intention of improving the efficiency of measurement.

Keywords: Wound measurement, Database, Interface
Stream: Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Wound Measurement Application

Dr Dongguang Li

Senior Lecturer, School of Computer and Information Science, Edith Cowan University

Ref: T06P0324