International Learning Communities: Supporting Community Capacity Building through Technology

Julian Silverman,
Enza Santangelo
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This paper details the development of a learning system that combines online and face to face methodologies in order to train international community development workers. This initiative will engage participants in learning from their host communities, each other as well as their facilitators. It aims to build a global learning community through enabling participants in local and international learning syndicates, mediated through the application of innovative learning technologies, to share and develop skills and knowledge. Central to this learning process will be the use of telephone texting as a means of encouraging and maintaining participant engagement and the development of broadcast radio materials as an integral element of the community of learning.

Keywords: International Community Development, Learning Community, Flexible Training Delivery and Assessment
Stream: Technology in Community
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Julian Silverman

New Business Manager, School International and Community Studies, RMIT University

Enza Santangelo

Partnerships Development Manager, School International and Community Studies, RMIT University

Ref: T06P0341