The Application of ICT in Indian Agriculture: The Case of eSagu Model of Web-based Agricultural Expert Advice Dissemination System

Dr Sudarshan Aligireddy Reddy,
Dr Krishna Reddy
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In view of technology/extension gaps in Indian agriculture and to exploit ICT revolution, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad, A.P., India had developed eSagu model of extension system and implemented it for the cotton crop in three villages of Oorugonda, Gudeppad and Oglapur covering 749 farmers and 1041 farms during 2004-05 crop season. The main objective is to build a cost effective and scalable agricultural expert advice dissemination system to all the farmers. The three-tier system consists of farmers as end users, coordinators as intermediaries to obtain crop status through digital photographs and text and communicate the advice to the farmers. The scientists with knowledge system prepare farm advices.

The evaluation study clearly brings out the feasibility and acceptability of ICT based model of eSagu. The crop status, the zooming facility of digital photographs, weather data, crop history, soil data, all have enabled the scientists in advice making and prediction. The advices were provided to the farmers in 24-36 hours. eSagu operation has improved the access, knowledge and technology adoption rate as compared to their counter parts in non-project area. It further established that the acquired technology has been quite useful and reflected in increased production by 1.5 quintals per acre, saved fertilizers by 0.76 bags, pesticides by 2.3 sprays per acre. This has resulted in a net gain of Rs. 3820.0 per acre. Farmers’ response to the utility of the project is quite positive and they want the project to continue in the future.

In conclusion, the evaluation study reveals that accomplishments of the project are impressive, the system is generally accepted and throws a promise for wider application in the future.

Keywords: eSagu=Electronic Cultivation, Information Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Agricultural Technology
Stream: Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
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Dr Sudarshan Aligireddy Reddy

Research Scientist, IT Lab for Agriculture, International Institute of Information Technology

Professional Preparation

1983 Ph.D, Agricultural Economics, Osmania university, Hyderabad, A.P.

Academic Appointments

2002 Principal, C.K.M. Arts & Science College, Warangal. 1985-2002 Head and Associate Professor, Department of Economics C.K.M. Arts & Science College, Warangal. 1968-1984 Head and Lecturer, Department of Economics C.K.M. Arts & Science College, Warangal.

Conservation Tillage 2002, Research and Farmer Innovation Conference, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California Cooperative Extension, at Davis, CA, 17th September.

Synergistic Activities

35 years activity in Warangal District: Rural electrification, agrarian relations, womens’ participation, child labour, common property resources, agro-environmentalism. Long-term study of cotton-growing communities in Warangal District (being prepared for publication). Co-founder & President, Centre for Environmental Studies. Brought out 44 research/study reports. Examples which are: Environmental Impact Assessment of Singareni Coal Mine at Venkatpoor (1998), Environmntal Impact Assessment of Hasanparthy Power Plant (1997), Report on Maleria Incidence in Mangapet Mandal (1997), Report on Godavari Floods – Causes and Consequences (1990), Farmers’ Awarness Camps (150) during 1997-2005, Coordinated 160 Radio talks on environment in All India Radio (1992-93)

Co-Founder and President, Warangal Consumers Council.

Co-Founder and Vice-President, Society for Development Alternatives.

Co-Founder and Secretary, AKVR Rural Development Society.

Participant, Peoples participatory Environment Programmes on “Green your Colony” and “Arogya mitra, Slum Area Development”.

JOHN DALVI AWARD, 1992, Leslie Sawhny Programme and Training for Democracy, Bombay: for outstanding social work as a crusader in creating awareness in hundreds of students and citizens about the rights and duties of consumers and threats to ecology and for setting up consumer councils in Andhra Pradesh.

VANAPREMI AWARD, 2002, Government of Andhra Pradesh, In recognition of distinguished voluntary service in the protection of environment and creating environmental awareness among the cross section of society

Collaborators and Other Affiliations

Doctoral Thesis Supervisor: Prof.K.S.Surya Narayana (emeritus, A.P. Agricultural University) Recognised Research Supervisor, Department of Economics, Kakatiya University, Warangal, since 1984. 7 Doctoral theses supervised. Honorary Secretary, Andhra Pradesh Economic Association (2000-2003) and organized 4 annual conferences and 4 mini conferences.

Dr Krishna Reddy

International Institute of Information Technology

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