The New Techno-bureaucratic Culture: A Neo-Weberian Digital Cage?

Dr. Georgia Gouga
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The perception of social space and time in both local and global level, is a result of a process that is produced by the peculiarity of the new technological culture. he aim of this paper is to discuss the intersection of science, knowledge, informatics and technocratic specialization with power. This study makes an attempt to face a “cultural-moralistic” force, which formulates personal and social political and economic values, formatting accordingly the behavior of social members as persons but also as citizens, towards social life, life itself. The perceptiveness of Weber’s thought helps us analyze the significance of high technology, which nowadays has become increasingly transparent. It provides us with a methodological framework, in order to examine the contemporary society and to approximate the terms of social control and bureaucratization

Keywords: Technological Culture, Power, Social Control, Bureaucratization
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: New Techno-bureaucratic Culture, The

Dr. Georgia Gouga

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences, Technical University of Athens

Name: Georgia Gouga Place of Birth: Athens Year of Birth: 1968 B.A.: 1990, University of Crete, Department of Philosophy and Social Studies Scholarships: Hellenic Scholarship Foundation Ph.D.: 1996, University of Crete, Department of Philosophy and Social Studies Grade: Excellent Research activities: I have participated in a large number of social researches, some titles of which are: «Social integration of the academic staff and students at the Peripheral Universities» «Traditional society and modernisation: the case of Crete» «The Ecological problem of Thessaly: Social, Political and Cultural Dimensions of the ecological problem» «Society and Power: The birth of the authoritarian personality» «Role of the teacher and family in the Greek school today» «Democracy and Racism in the Greek school today» E.C. Program: E.C. Program: Adapt: In Co-operation with the Chamber of Commerce of Larisa Publications: «Yesterday and Today of Industry in Volos», Anti, No. 574, March 1995, «Μanagement in Education: Organizational reason and Pedagogic practice”, Social Science Review, No.46, 2005.Book reviews, Translations Congresses: Parents strategies in the educational process: a sociological analysis of regulative parameters” International Congress, Ioannina, 18-20 March 2005. “The Introduction of New technologies in the School Classroom”, International Congress, Rhodes, 21-23 October, 2005.

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