Quality, Reliablity & Usability of Biomedical Information on the Internet: Where Do We Stand Now?

Dr. Nabeel Mk,
Dr Sreekumar Mg
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The Information Explosion generated by the Internet had a marked impact on the biomedical domain; providing better access to scholarly communication & also enhancing research activities. The advantages of this growth reaching exponential magnitudes, are manifold both for the lay users and the professionals. But like a double-edged sword it demands cautious handling in issues of quality & reliability. The emergence of newer publishing models & the commercial establishments have added to this problem.

A niche area is emerging, centered around quality & reliability, and their indicators like authenticity, currency & peer approval. A few instances where such issues arise are discussed along with brief overviews & critical appraisal of the various initiatives taking place around the globe like the HONCode, MedCERTAIN , Internet HealthCare Coalition, SNOMED standard, DISCERN etc. Some upcoming concepts like 'Usability' of information are also discussed. Methods for further refinement and improvisation are proposed. Our discussions should also encourage the use of the latest tools & techniques from quality & reliability engineering. Multidisciplinary efforts involving professionals from Information Science & Technology, Quality & Management Sciences, & Domain experts in setting up efficient and cost-effective systems & also efforts in sensitization of the issues among the stakeholders should be the priorities.

Keywords: Quality of Medical Information on the Internet, Internet Research, Information Usability, Medical Informatics, Reliability of Internet Resources, Electronic Publishing
Stream: Human Technologies and Useability, Technology in Community, Technology in Education, Knowledge and Technology
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Dr. Nabeel Mk

Lecturer in Orthopaedics & Co-ordinator of Tele-Health & Medical Informatics, Dept.of Orthopaedics / Centre for Tele-Health & Medical Informatics, Academy of Medical Sciences

Dr Sreekumar Mg

Indian Institute of Mangement (IIM) Kozhikode

Ref: T06P0354