Imagining Malignancy: Tales on Cancer Survivor Networks

Dr Sarma Cvs
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Cancer produces complex reactions among patients, care-givers and survivors. All three categories of people tend to informationalize the disease process, thereby reproducing the dominant medical discourse. The hospital/doctor, the people around, and finally, the net in the form of chat, message boards and groups function to turn the person afflicted by malignancy into a complex ‘body of information’. This paper seeks to understand how the cancer body is explained on message boards on select Cancer Survivor Networks. It argues that admittance to cancer communities requires certain (specialized) knowledge about the disease and the processes of cure, and that the process of describing the disease is also a process of disciplining the pain and trauma of treatment, and in cases, death of a loved one.

Keywords: Cancer, Online Communities, Discourses
Stream: Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
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Dr Sarma Cvs

Lecturer in Communication, Dept. of Communication, University of Hyderabad

My academic backgroud is in Journalism and Mass Communication of the empirical school. I have been a teacher of the media for 20 years. My present interests are in the areas of: New Media, Globalization, Critical theory, Television Analysis and Creative Writing. I also write fiction. I am a middle-aged single parent with a teenaged son.

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