A Practical Approach to Reduce Link Failure by Load Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks

Ms Arpita Munjal
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This paper addresses the problem of providing stability to the Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET’s) by reducing link failures and distributing load among the nodes. Clusterhead in MANET’s determine the topology, provide stability to the network and manage resources. As a result clusterhead share greater responsibility and may deplete their energy faster causing link failures. A weight based clustering algorithm is being proposed that takes into consideration transmission range, transmission power, transmission rate, battery power, mobility, interference, link failures and a counter variable for balancing the load.The counter variable value gets decremented whenever a node becomes a clusterhead. When a minimum threshold is attained than the node transfer its responsiblities to the next candiadate node thus balacing the load of clusterhead. The simulation results are compared with Lowest- id algorithm, Weighted clustering algorithm and Weight based adaptive clustering algorithm in terms of number of clusterheads, transmission range, number of nodes and link failures and found that the proposed algorithm performs better than existing algorithms

Keywords: Ad hoc networks, Load Distribution
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Paper: A Weight Based Approach to Reduce Link Failure by Load Distribution in Ad Hoc Networks

Ms Arpita Munjal

Reader, CSE & IT department, IP university

Ref: T06P0364