The e-Administration Tool: For e-Governance

Kris Dev
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'e-Administration' a web enabled, Paper-less Office Tool, using OPEN SOURCE tools such as Java, JBoss with PGSQL as backend, all running on Linux.

The implementation of the tool has transformed the work culture of Government organizations and all employees right from the lowest clerk to the highest official have embraced the tool, as it simplifies their working and makes life easy for everyone.

All incoming letters are scanned and digitized and from then on moves electronically and attached to e-Files which get instant approval and outward tapal is sent. This has dramatically improved the service level and cut down the average process time by 50%.

The e-Administration tool can be adopted as an e-Governance tool by any organization, to introduce total Transparency and Accountability.

Keywords: e-Governance, Transparency, Accountability, Right to information, Poverty Alleviation, UN MDGs
Stream: Technology in Community, Knowledge and Technology
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Kris Dev

Co-Founder, Management and Technology Consultancy, International Transparency and Accountability Network

As CEO of Life-Line to Business (LL2B), a Chennai based ICT organization specializing in e-Governance, Kris has developed “e-Administration”, a web enabled, platform neutral, paper-less intra-office and inter-office communication and collaboration solution, using open source tools, to help Governments, corporates and NGOs, transform themselves. The tool has been implemented in various Government organizations and the initiative won recognition from the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Government of India. See for more details. His goal: “Transform the World for the betterment of every individual and community”.

Ref: T06P0366