Global Modules: Building Cross-Cultural Understanding Through Virtual Communities

Dr. Gary Scudder,
Dr. Michelle Miller
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Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont, USA has been a leader in online and international education. Global Modules is an attempt to bring the two concepts together. Professors at Champlain have begun to use the college's webCT software and technical expertise to create online short and flexible Global Modules with our international campuses. Champlain is now ready to take the next step and partner with other international institutions. Global Modules are designed to link the students and faculty at two or three international educational institutions for shared readings, discussion and teamwork. Their readings, chosen through consultation among the faculty at the different colleges, are designed to challenge unspoken cultural assumptions as well as promote critical thinking and collaborative learning. Students are broken up into groups with equal representation from the participating schools. As a group they try and solve various national, regional or international problems and present their findings to their peers. Group critique and reflection then round out the experience and place their work in a greater global context. The workshops will include a brief history of the Global Module program, a demonstration of the software, and a presentation of specific examples of student work. Most of the workshop will focus on a collaborative exchange of possible Global Module assignments, potential partnerships, technological limitations and opportunities, and participant feedback.

Keywords: Global Modules, International Education, Collaborative Learning
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Gary Scudder

Professor of History, Arts & Sciences, Champlain College

Gary Scudder has a Ph.D. in English history from the University of Cincinnati in the U.S. Before coming to Champlain College he taught in Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta, Georgia, where he received the Outstanding Teacher Award and was recognized by the state of Georgia as a Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning. At Champlain he is the Social Science Coordinator and is a Professor of History. He has done substantial work with the college's international program and has made repeated trips to Champlain's campuses in Mumbai and Dubai. From their inception Gary has facilitated the establishment of Global Modules. In addition he has several publications, including editing a world civilization primary document collection.

Dr. Michelle Miller

Associate Provost, Academic Affairs, Champlain College

Michelle Miller has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada with a specialization in distance learning and instructional design. She is currently the Associate Provost at Champlain College. She has extensive experience in assessment methodology and played a key role in the establishment, implementation and assessment of Champlain's educational core competencies. Michelle has visited Champlain's international campuses numerous times and has been a tireless supporter of the college's international program and of the Global Modules program.

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