Technology in the Classroom: Provoking Thought and Change in Pedagogy

Dr. Mary Rizza,
Dr. William Morrison,
Richard Wilson,
Colleen Mandell
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Teaching and learning as we know it is vastly different from the experiences of most academics. However, educators have the duty to prepare students for a world where the dissemination of information is changing from that of words on paper to digital information disseminated electronically and a culture of classroom community that is no longer based on face-to-face communication but one where the predominance of computer-based discussion boards and “Blogs” exists. Keeping up with technology is a non-negotiable in teacher education courses. Questions remain as to whether professors are prepared to keep up with technology and ultimately prepare pre-service teachers. During this interactive session, participants will discuss issues related to the use of technology in teacher preparation and the implications of various computer technology on teaching and learning pedagogy.

Keywords: Technology in Unviersity Classrooms, Teacher Preparation
Stream: Technology in Education
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Mary Rizza

Associate Professor, School of Intervention Services, Bowling Green State University

Mary is an Associate Professor of Special Education and Coordinator of Gifted Programs at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, where she teaches courses in gifted education and school psychology.  Her interests include the use of technology in classrooms, issues related to the twice-exceptional, and the social/emotional needs of gifted children.

Dr. William Morrison

Assistant Professor, School of Intervention Services, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Morrison an Assistant Professor of Special Education in the Division of Intervention Services at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green Ohio.  There he teaches courses in classroom management, applied behavioral analysis, reading and writing methods and a course related to the needs of the twice-exceptional learner.  His current research has focused on issues of access to gifted programming for individuals with disabilities with a focus on students with an emotional/ behavioral disability.  In collaboration with his colleagues, Dr. Morrison has published and presented his work related to the twice-exceptional student national and internationally.

Richard Wilson

Professor, School of Intervention Services, Bowling Green State University

Colleen Mandell

Associate Professor, School of Intervention Services, Bowling Green State University

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