Dr Developing a Reconfigurable Command and Control System for a Large Wall Display

Dr Damian Green
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Command, control, communications, computers and intelligence (C4I) is the management infrastructure for any large, complex and dynamic resource system.1 Examples range from the relatively mundane (the coordination of railway maintenance activities) to the military. A project currently underway at Brunel University’s BITLab provides a unique opportunity to use large screen displays in novel ways to design a new form of command and control interface. The design process proceeds according to human factors criteria. That is, not according necessarily to what technology can do, but according to user need. To this end we present an exploration of the hardware and software configuration needed to support our novel interactive, multi-screen, 2D & 3D command and control interface test-bed. This C4I test-bed is being used empirically to define these user needs.

Stream: Knowledge and Technology
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Paper: Developing a Reconfigurable Command and Control System for a Large Wall Display

Dr Damian Green

Research Fellow, School of Design and Engineering, Brunel University

Damian A Green completed his PhD within the Multimedia Systems and Parallel Computing research group at Brunel University in the UK whilst working on the European Union funded 3D-Murale project. Prior to this he worked on research investigating the 3D modelling of clothing and human body scanning for clothing commerce applications. Before working in research Damian worked as a computer games programmer developing 3D tools and as a web designer. Damian received his Bachelor of Science (BSc) with honours in the subject of Computer Science and Information Systems in 1997.

Ref: T06P0008