Adolescent Internet Users in Greece: A Current Scenario.

Ms Fenia Frangoulidou
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This paper discusses the impact of Internet use on Greek adolescents aged 16 –18. As teen Internet use has grown significantly during the last decade, so has grown the places where identity can be formulated. Focusing on the literature of negative effects on sociability, communication and attitude, these concerns could be summarized on: a) teens’ social isolation, loneliness and general lost of “real world” communication, b) risky or aggressive behaviour, mostly through experimentation and play, c) growing gender devices and stereotypical behaviour. Based on several case studies contacted in four Greek schools during a period of three years, this paper presents a micro-sociological view on the issue of adolescent Internet users focusing on the major findings that the above research revealed.

Keywords: Intenet, youth, identity
Stream: Technology in Community
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Ms Fenia Frangoulidou

PhD student, Department of Education and Philosophy
Faculty of Education, Aristotle University


Ref: T06P0093