A Synchronization Approach for Organizational Success: Etke

Dr. Rachna Kumar,
Dr. Meenakshi Krishnamoorthy,
Dr. Miguel Cardenas
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This paper presents the characteristics of a synchronized organizational model where Emotional Competence (E), Technology Competence (T), Knowledge Competence (K) and Environmental Impact (E) play a key role in organizational success. Synchronization is defined as the process of linking events and actions so that they occur at the same time or in a predetermined sequence. Synchronized organizations are usually successful, since they are able to move all their constituent components in concert and in harmony with each other so as to derive maximum synergy and performance from the organization. We realize that organizational success is closely linked with the integrative force that binds all internal and external entities that support and nurture the organization

The paper focuses on the formulation of the global model for ETKE. We also describe the particulars of an on-going survey based on the research model that is a subset of the global model. A pilot study has been conducted and results have been analyzed. We have concluded that this is a very practical and comprehensive tool to measure and assess performance and productivity in any type of organization around the world.

Keywords: Organizational success, Organizational performance, Emotional competence, Technology, Knowledge, Environment, Synchronized organization
Stream: Knowledge and Technology
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Synchronization Approach for Organizational Success, A

Dr. Rachna Kumar

Information Systems and Technology, USI College of Business, Alliant International University

Dr. Kumar is a Professor of Information Systems and Technology at Alliant International University (AIU) in San Diego, California. She was responsible for designing as well as implementing two very successful new Business degree programs in the Information Systems department. The curriculum in these degrees was the transferred to Universities in Kenya and India.
Dr. Kumar was also responsible for initiating the online and distance learning offerings for the USI College of Business in 2000. Since then she has been involved in several e-learning initiative within AIU and is currently in the process of designing and implementing several online certificate programs in various technology and business topics. She specializes in software productivity measures, transfer of information systems skills in bi-national contexts, computer mediated technology environments, and online education. She has published widely in these subject areas in reputed journals and conferences.
Dr. Kumar has consulted for several high tech firms in US, Mexico and India. She is on the International Advisory Board for two management institutes in India. Dr. Kumar is an active member of the academic community as journal and conference reviewer, as member of advisory panels, and as member of editors’ panels. As a member of a three-way partnership, she spearheaded the transfer of technology skills from the Software Engineering Institute in Carnegie Mellon University to AIU’s Information Systems department and the three-partner project was the recipient of the prestigious Nunn-Perry award for Excellence in 2005.
She is also co-founder of GlobalMind: Center for Strategic Consulting at the United States International College of Business. This center trains and consults for organizations on topics related to technology and strategy in global contexts.
She has a PhD in Information Systems from Stern School of Business at New York University, New York. Prior to Alliant International University, Dr. Kumar has been a faculty member at California State University at San Marcos, University of Texas at Austin, and New York University at New York.

Dr. Meenakshi Krishnamoorthy

Professor, USI College of Business, Alliant International University

Dr. Miguel Cardenas

President, San Diego Global University

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