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To submit a paper to the The Technology Collection you must first register to submit a proposal to the conference review committee for an in-person or a virtual presentation at the Technology Conference. (For a detailed description of presentation formats please visit the this link.)

For your work to be included in the journal the final version of your paper needs to be submitted for peer-review.

Please review the information on this page before you begin the Online Submission process.

Submission Deadlines 

The deadline for the final round call for papers is 15 November 2005.

Presentations accepted so far can be viewed in the Session Description area of this site.

Presentation Formats

In-person Presentations: The conference organising committee is currently inviting proposals to present 30 minute papers, 60 minute workshops, jointly presented 90 minute colloquium sessions, or Virtual submissions. These might describe ‘real world’ initiatives or they might be academic research papers.

Presenters may choose to submit their papers for refereeing and publication at any time before the conference, and up until one month after the conference. Participants requiring full refereeing before the conference are advised to submit their papers at least three months before the conference.

Plenary speakers may also submit their session details via the Presentation Proposal Process below for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Only one proposal of any format can be accepted per registered presenter. This means that two proposals may be accepted in the case of two registered presenters in a joint presentation, so long as both presenters are registered to attend in person or as a Virtual participant.

For further information, contact the conference secretariat.


Description of Presentation Formats



Presentation/Paper Focus: Practice, Research, Theory

Presentations and published papers may have a theory, research or practice focus:

Practice Focus:
A presentation or publication which describes innovative or exemplary practices or programs in the community, in workplaces, in education institutions and the like. This may take the form of case studies, narratives, demonstrations or technical reports. The outcomes of practice may be improved frameworks, concepts, understandings or structures, such as enhanced capacity through the development of skills, knowledge and operational effectiveness. This kind of work may involve putting theory and research into practice.

Research Focus:
A presentation or publication reporting upon original research, based on the systematic collection and analysis of data or facts. This kind of work may involve the application or testing of theory.

Theory Focus:
A presentation or publication which is broad and generalising in its emphasis, reflecting upon and systematically referenced against one or more bodies of literature or systems of thought.
Referees for presentation proposals and of submitted papers will base their assessment upon the kind of focus of a particular presentation or paper.

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